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Irrational Games som gjorde det första Bioshock har på sin hemsida lagt upp fem konceptbilder som var påtänkta för just Bioshock, men som ströks i sista sekund. Kolla in alla fem här nedan, med deras beskrivningar.

Bioshock 2
Yam Hand - The "Yam Hand" character went through many iterations during the early development of Bioshock. Artist Robb Waters had this to say about his creation: "One thing I liked about the character was his strange and unique head shape. It kind of made you wonder what the heck was going on under that dingy burlap sack."
Bioshock 2
Thug Aggressor - During one early stage of Bioshock's production, oversized and disproportionate limbs were all the fashion.
Bioshock 2
Jellyman - Perhaps the Jelly Man shows some long-term side effects of ADAM abuse. Maybe he's showing why humans and jellyfish aren't as genetically compatible as some Rapture scientists had envisioned. Or possibly this is what happens when a Splicer decides to mutate into a delightful breakfast spread. Who knows? Regardless, this guy melted before he could be incorporated into Bioshock.
Bioshock 2
Monster Bug - This is one of the more gruesome pieces of concept work to emerge during work on Bioshock - a huge insect slowly growing from within a human being and taking over the physical form. And as sickening as this image is, its true power comes from what's implied: what was it like for the original person transitioning to this state of organic fusion? And what mash-up of man and bug is hidden under that cloth? This visual was of great help in selling Bioshock to publishers.
Bioshock 2
Grub Mutant - Another take on the fused-parasite idea - different bug, same revolting results. This one is perhaps even more disturbing, when you realize that having a grub as thick as a telephone pole growing through the guy's chest isn't preventing him from having his gun locked and loaded. You have to wonder what's going through his head.

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