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The Last Guardian

Därför blir The Last Guardian en Playstation 4-titel

The Last Guardian utannonserades redan 2009 till Playstation 3 men är som du säkert vet numera planerat att släppas till Playstation 4 istället. Orsaken till plattformsbytet beror på att flera av de tänkta funktionerna i spelet inte hade fungerat om det stannat kvar som Playstation 3-titel. Detta framkommer i en intervju Eurogamer gjort med Sony Worldwide-bossen Shuhei Yoshida.

Yoshida berättar att varken skaparen Fumito Ueda eller någon annan i teamet ville kompromissa bort några funktioner i spelet, och således var flytt till Playstation 4 det enda gångbara alternativet.

"Simply, we failed. We decided, no, we cannot make it [on PS3]. The trailer that we showed at E3 2009 was sped up. It was from the development system but we took it frame by frame and made it run smoothly. Ueda-san, his style of development is very set out, clear, like a vision, at the beginning of the project. Because he is an artist, he creates a short video to show to the team members, this is what we make. So the vision is totally the same."

"Because of the technical difficulty, running the game at the frame-rate required that the team look to compromise some features - the number of characters that Ueda-san wanted to do - if we were to continue on PS3. But because we moved to PS4, now he can make what he wanted. So people say it looks like the same game - there's a reason."

Yoshida passade även på att kommentera Playstation 4-arkitektören Mark Cernys inblandning i utvecklingen:

"He's giving technical advice. It's not like that rumor said, that he took over the project to finish it, that's totally bogus. He's been giving advice and consultation to many first-party projects; we are long-standing partners. He obviously architected PS4, so he works with multiple first-party teams, and The Last Guardian team is one of them."

"Because it was a technical issue that made the project so long, he and other central tech groups that we have, many smart people, helped Japan Studio to re-engineer and test it. Mark spent lots of time giving advice."

Lite tekniska råd är nog en bra idé då spelet varit i utvecklingen sedan 2007. Just nu siktar man på en release nästa år.

The Last Guardian