Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

"Activision utnyttjade Guitar Hero"

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Red Octane hette företaget som en gång i tiden skapade de första Guitar Hero-spelen tillsammans med Harmonix. Red Octane blev 2006 uppköpta av Activision, och stängdes ner förra året. Nu säger Kelly Summer, som en gång var chef på Red Octane, att Activision utnyttjade och missbrukade Guitar Hero-serien, och menar att den kunde ha levt än idag om den hade hanterats bättre.

"[Activision] tried to get too much out of the franchise too quickly. They abused it. There's no reason why Guitar Hero cannot continue. It's a great product. My gut tells me there is still a significant market for Guitar Hero."

"Not every game can be a billion dollar franchise, but maybe that's what Activision wants. I'd be surprised if they sold the brand as it'd prove to the world there is still a market for this product and show them up.

"Look at how Take-Two has handled GTA. They haven't thrown products out there. They've nurtured it for over ten years and it is still a strong franchise."


Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

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