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Dead Island

Dead Island-patch ute till PC nu

Fixar trasiga sparfiler

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Techland har släppt en ny patch till Dead Island på Steam. Patchen fixar mängder av problem som bland annat de trasiga sparfilerna vissa spelare har stött på.

Här kommer en lista på alla problem som fixas med den nya patchen:

• Fixed running game on Steam in offline mode

• Fixed damaged saves when a player has more than 190 items in inventory (weapon or stacked items, counting in items from Jin's storage and player inventory). Corrupted savegames will be recovered when possible.

• Fixed problems with unlocking "There and back again" with progress 72/72

• Fixed duplicating weapons when throwing and dropping at one time / when dropping items from inventory

• Optimized scanning for friends-process, to decrease lobby server workload

• Fixed random freezes when playing 4 players coop no longer appear

• Fixed issues when using medkits from inventory menu

• Stacking items issue solved: miscellaneous items to 9999, medkits
and alcohol to 30 instead of 10.

• Added the option to disable voice chat in game.

• Limited Jin's storage capacity to 150

• Fixed: disappearing items when there is no place in inventory and a player tries to get an item from Jin's storage

• Improved trading: items will be removed from the smallest stack instead of a random one.

• Fixed problems with corrupted profiles, which caused the game to start with black screen and freeze.

• Fixed levitating zombies after killing

• Fixed not being able to show quest details in quest menu using Xbox controller

Dead Island

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