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Need for Speed

Fotoläge släpps till Need for Speed nästa vecka

Har du saknat möjligheten att stanna, frysa bilden och plåta ditt specialbyggda vrålåk i Ghost Games re-boot av EA:s mångåriga spelserie? Bra. Då ska du hålla utkik efter uppdateringen till Need for Speed som släpps nästa vecka till samtliga format. Där kommer bland annat "photo mode" att finnas inkluderat. EA skriver följande:

"Need for Speed photo mode is called Snapshot Pro. It will be accessible through the phone screen menu. You can then position the camera however you like and tinker with settings like depth of field, brightness, contrast, and saturation. As with other photo modes, Need for Speed's also comes with filters."

Nedan hittar du en snabb liten lista över allt som den kommande uppdateringen kommer att innehålla:

Need for Speed February 3 Patch Notes:
• New Feature: Wrap Sharing
• New Feature: Snapshot Pro Mode
• A new "Splash" screen which gives players information on what is included in the new updates from the Living Game
• A new Snapshot overview screen in the Need for Speed Network menu so you can find out more about your snapshots
• Improvements to Kickbacks and likes on snapshots
• 100+ new customization items for a variety of cars
• License plates are back. Apply around 10 different license plates to your car for more in depth customization
• We've made more improvements and bug fixes to multiplayer. You can now play with like-minded people, if you want to play competitive then you can now select this option when matchmaking and join a world with people who also want to play competitive.
• 3 new Trophies and achievements
• Drive through a Gas Station and repair your car on the fly.
• A variety of tweaks and improvements including AI, player feedback, Gameplay, and World
• Fixed a couple of bugs for Eddie's challenge
• Multiple stability fixes

Need for SpeedNeed for SpeedNeed for SpeedNeed for Speed
Need for SpeedNeed for SpeedNeed for SpeedNeed for Speed
Need for SpeedNeed for SpeedNeed for SpeedNeed for Speed
Need for Speed

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