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GTA-producent stämmer Take-Two på 150 miljoner dollar

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Leslie Benzies, en av de tidigare cheferna för Rockstar North, lämnade företaget i januari 2016 efter en semester som började i september 2014 och varade ända fram till hans avgång. Benzies har nu i april försökt att återvända till huvudkontoret i Edinburgh, Skottland, men blivit utkastad. Han stämmer nu utgivarna Take-Two på 150 miljoner dollar för obetalda royalties. Take-Two kontrar med att han har brutit kontraktet som han en gång skrev under och att inga pengar kommer att betalas ut.

Detta säger Christopher Bakes, en av Benzies advokater:

"While on sabbatical, Mr. Benzies discovered numerous deceptions on the part of Take-Two, Rockstar, Rockstar North Ltd, Sam Houser and Dan Houser, who sought to force him out of the company and terminate his portion of royalty payments based upon arbitrary actions by the company's royalty Allocation Committee, a committee that may or may not have actually ever met."

"This was the company's way of rewarding Mr. Benzies by bringing him into the highest compensation tier. Having reached this height, Mr. Benzies' removal after years of receiving compensation identical to the Housers was the product of what turned out to be a lengthy deception by Sam Houser. The complaint describes Sam Houser's mounting resentments after many years of high praise."

Rockstar har detta att säga om händelsen i ett pressmeddelande:

"Leslie Benzies was a valued employee of our company for many years. Sadly, the events that culminated in his resignation ultimately stem from his significant performance and conduct issues. Despite our repeated efforts to address and resolve these issues amicably both before and after his departure, Leslie has chosen to take this route in an attempt to set aside contract terms to which he previously agreed on multiple occasions.

His claims are entirely without merit and in many instances downright bizarre, and we are very confident this matter will be resolved in our favor. A core ethos since Rockstar's inception has been the concept of 'the team'. It is deeply disappointing and simply wrong for Leslie to attempt to take personal credit for what has always been the tremendous efforts of the entire Rockstar team, who remain hard at work delivering the most immersive and engaging entertainment experiences we can for our fans. We do not intend to comment further on this matter."

Räkna kallt med fler nyheter kring detta.

Tack, Gamespot.

Red Dead Redemption
Leslie Benzies är mannen som nu stämmer Take-Two.

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