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Batman: Arkham VR

Batman: Arkham VR är klart och redo för Playstation VR-släppet


Vi snackade lite med Rocksteady om kommande Batman VR som kommer ut om ett par veckor. Dax Ginn berättar för oss om hur spelet har utvecklats sedan feedbacken efter årets E3 mässa och att spelet är färdigt.

"We've submitted the game so there's not a lot that we can do," says Ginn when asked if there's any work left. "It's always like terrifying as a studio when the code is in a state where everyone is like 'are we good here?', 'I think we're finished', and then you send it off. And then you wait for a couple of days and you don't know whether the first-parties or the publishers have accepted it, they're obviously doing extensive playthroughs and testing at that point. And then you just get an e-mail back saying 'yup, you've gone gold'. And that's an awesome experience, that moment when you know the game is done and we can't touch it anymore."

Batman: Arkham VR släpps till Playstation VR den 13 oktober.

Batman: Arkham VR