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Carmack postar sina tankar om Zenimax vs Oculus-domen

Under gårdagen kunde vi på Gamereactor rapportera om att domen fallit i rättstvisten mellan Doom/Fallout/Elder Scrolls-ägarna Zenimax och Oculus. Det slutade med att Luckey Palmer och hans Facebook-ägda Oculus Rift nu tvingas sluska upp 4,5 miljarder kronor till Zenimax som alltså anklagade före detta Doom-kungen och programmeringssnillet John Carmack för att ha stulit kod från sin gamla spelstudio Id Software och gett den till Oculus. Nu har Carmack uttalat sig om domen på sin Facebook-sida och givetvis ifrågasätter han utfallet.

"The Zenimax vs Oculus trial is over. I disagreed with their characterization, misdirection, and selective omissions. I never tried to hide or wipe any evidence, and all of my data is accounted for, contrary to some stories being spread. Being sued sucks. For the most part, the process went as I expected. The exception was the plaintiff's expert that said Oculus's implementations of the techniques at issue were "non-literally copied" from the source code I wrote while at Id Software. This is just not true. The authors at Oculus never had access to the Id C++ VR code, only a tiny bit of plaintext shader code from the demo. I was genuinely interested in hearing how the paid expert would spin a web of code DNA between completely unrelated codebases.

Early on in his testimony, I wanted to stand up say "Sir! As a man of (computer) science, I challenge you to defend the efficacy of your methodology with data, including false positive and negative rates." After he had said he was "Absolutely certain there was non-literal copying" in several cases, I just wanted to shout "You lie!". By the end, after seven cases of "absolutely certain", I was wondering if gangsters had kidnapped his grandchildren and were holding them for ransom."

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