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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Kong: Skull Island-regissören pratar lite mer om Metal Gear Solid: The Movie

Jordan Vogt-Roberts är just nu stekhet. Hetare än strips, typ. Den hetaste formen av potatis (eller är det gratäng, kanske?) och det har han ju King Kong som karaktär samt bioaktuella actiondräparen Skull Island att tacka för. Att Jordan Vogt-Roberts ska regissera Metal Gear Solid-filmen har vi vetat i cirka fem år men det vi inte visste var att regissören träffat Kojima flertalet gånger det sista året och snart färdigställt manuset. På Reddit (under en frågestund) avslöjas lite om detta nyligen och Iron Man-producenten Ari Arad passade även han på att fylla i lite.

Före detta Marvel Studios-höjdaren Ari Arad pratar lite om filmen:
"I don't think the gaming community shows up just to support a game. They're very demanding. If you make a bad game you need to reacquire those fans the next time."

"Metal Gear Solid is like a spicy dish. It's hard. It pushes back on its player in an awesome way. It's a wild experience and when you hang in there it is satisfying. Metal Gear Solid is a tricky one- Kojima's attitude is not trying to get in the way. He, I think, has already said a lot of what he's wanted to say."

"That's the sort of interesting thing about Metal Gear Solid: It's such a wild Japanese take on a very American thing. You're not understanding it as you play sometimes, but by the time you get through a level or a whole game you feel what Kojima wants you to feel."

Jordan Vogt-Roberts fyller i med hans syn på spelserien och den kommande adaptionen:
"What does Metal Gear make you feel?" Vogt-Roberts wrote. "What is the quiet tension of sneaking around? What is the dread you feel as you're going further and further from safety? What is the panic you feel when the alarm goes off? Those are just basic elements of the MGS formula but finding a way to recreate those feelings on screen is crucial."

"Metal Gear Solid is probably the most important franchise to me on the planet. It is such a genius, idiosyncratic work and being able to spend time with Kojima recently has been like a dream. He's the best and his whole team is the best. We are working on the script. That is a property that I will fight tooth and nail to make sure is done properly because it's so easy to screw it up and so easy for a studio to try and make it into G.I. Joe or try and make it into Mission: Impossible or try and make it into something that it's not. Metal Gear Solid needs to be exactly what it needs to be, which is Metal Gear Solid."

Vad tror du om Metal Gear-filmen, kan det bli bra?

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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