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The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian-skaparen vill satsa på öppna spelvärldar

En av alla de utvecklare som besökte Nordic Game Conference i Malmö förra veckan var Fumito Ueda (The Last Guardian) från Gen Design. Han berättade där bland annat att han vill återvända till konceptet med öppna spelvärldar såsom i Shadow of the Colossus:

"I cannot talk about the details, but... Shadow [of the Colossus] came out of the experience with ICO, [going] from a closed world to open world. When I completed Shadow, there was a moment where I wondered if I wanted to go around an open world again, and maybe I should go back to a more closed space, spending a more intimate time with something in that space. That became the starting point for The Last Guardian.

Now I've completed The Last Guardian and spent so many years in that game, maybe I may go back to the Shadow-type environment."

Vad vill du se Ueda göra härnäst, något mer inrutat som Ico och The Last Guardian eller öppnare som Shadow of the Colossus?

The Last GuardianThe Last Guardian

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