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Payday 3

Vi pressar Starbreeze på Payday 3-information

Förra veckan fick vi chansen att snacka med Payday 2-producenten Almir Listo och hade mycket att fråga om. Vi kunde dock inte hålla oss från att pressa på lite om det kommande Payday 3. Här är vad han hade att säga:

"I can say it's in pre-production. I can tell you that it's going to be something else. Having had the privilege to be a part in making Payday: The Heist happen and being a producer on Payday 2 and having the opportunity and the privilege to complete the trilogy is a dream come true. And me together with the rest of the Payday 3 team are super excited to share more about when we're ready. But that's all I can say about it now because we don't want to talk about something that might get changed. And we might change our minds a lot during development."

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Payday 3