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Titanfall 2

Respawn presenterar The War Games till Titanfall 2

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Utvecklaren Respawn har presenterat den sjätte expansionen till Titanfall 2, vilken heter The War Games och släpps redan imorgon. Den nya banan War Games som medföljer beskrivs såhär av utvecklarna:

"Pilots on the Frontier frequently use simulator pods to train, using life-like recreations of historical battles as combat scenarios. War Games highlights the civilian shops, tall buildings for window-to-window fighting, and city streets for Titan combat from the Battle of Angel City, and the large, open tank garage facilities for hand-to-hand Pilot combat from the Battle of Airbase Sierra. The outskirts of the map feature a clean, VR style perfect for Titan duels, while Pilots are often found running along the bright, interconnected wallrunning routes." There's also a Live Fire Map called Traffic too, which is a test site filled with dense cover and is perfect for snipers to hide in the back."

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Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2

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