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Vi pratar med Aaron Greenburg om Xbox-exklusiviteter


Det här med nya spelserier var en sak som diskuterades hett innan Microsofts E3-presskonferens och precis lika hett efteråt. Mycket beroende på att Microsoft tycktes ha för lite av just detta. Men enligt Aaron Greenberg, general manager för Xbox Games Marketing, så handlar allt om balans när vi intervjuade honom under E3:

"I think the key thing is to have a good balance, you know. If you look at what we've done this generation with things like Ori, with things like Sunset Overdrive, Ryse; I think we've probably launched more new IP than anyone else. But with that said, there's a balance, and so we want to be able to bring a good diverse lineup.

One of the things I think is a great example is taking a studio like Rare essentially offline, who has a huge pedigree of great franchises they could go work with, and let them go create something new with Sea of Thieves. And so for us, we absolutely believe in new IP, have this generation and will continue to. And at the same time we want to be able to invest in bringing the next Forza and all the technological innovation we can do to showcase that as a true 4K masterpiece. And I think people are pretty excited about things like Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2 as well. So it's a balance, and we really want to have that variety of titles, but you're right, new IP continues to be very important for us."

Oavsett om du håller med Greenberg eller ej, rekommenderar vi intervjun i sin helhet, vilken även innehåller godbitar om Gamescom och om Xbox One X. Kolla in här nedan.