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Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2-utvecklaren inte orolig för Forza och Gran Turismo

Slightly Mad Studios släpper sitt Project Cars 2 till PC, Playstation 4 och Xbox One den 22 september. Det är ungefär samtidigt som Forza Motorsport 7, och när vi fick chansen att prata med creative director Andy Tudor om eventuell oro inför detta och det kommande Gran Turismo Sport, fick vi ett självsäkert svar:

"No, not really. Which sounds kind of bold and a bit arrogant, but no, because finally [...] we've been making racing games for a very long time, and we've always been nipping at the heels of like the big brands that are out there. But this time around it's a bit of a different situation, they're actually playing catch up with us in many respects.

You might have seen another racing game out there [Forza 7] has just announced dynamic weather, well, if you remember back Project Cars 1 had that back in 2015. The ability to now play in 4K, well again, if you remember back and rewind to previous interviews with me, you could play Project Cars 1 in 12K. And it's the same thing here. Please go and play [...] our CXC motion rig in VR, come back and tell me that we're not the most technically advanced racing game."

Alla bilspelsfans bör givetvis kolla in intervjun som du hittar här nedan.

Project Cars 2Project Cars 2