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Medievil-skaparna visste inte att spelet skulle remastras

Playstation Experience hade inte sådär väldigt mycket att komma med i år, men en av de grejer vi gillade bäst var Medievil Remastered till Playstation 4. Det var såklart en överraskning för oss, men tydligen även för utvecklarna. Medievils två designers, Chris Sorell och Jason Wilson, kommenterar saken till Push Square:

"I wouldn't have expected them to do this after so long and I certainly have a lot of questions! At first I discounted it as another fan-made game, trailer, or fan-film. But it turned out that this was an actual 100 per cent official Sony announcement and at first I was rather bemused then happy at the thought of our fun game being released; it was after all the happiest time I had spent in the games industry and I'm proud of our work on MediEvil."

Sony har redan utlovat en remake av Medievil: Ressurection som släpptes till PSP, men det är seriens skapare inte särskilt lyckliga över däremot:

"I hope there are people involved that would appreciate that this isn't the version of the game that fans want. Apart from a few visual elements such as Sir Dan's physical redesign I also didn't much care for the PSP remake - it looked grey and pallid compared to the colourful excess and arcade adventure clarity of the original."

Spelade du Medievil när det begav sig, och kommer du ge Remastered-utgåvan chansen?