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Shenmue 3

Mer om det nya stridssystemet i Shenmue 3

Game director och tillika toklegendaren Yu Suzuki har delat med sig av mer information om stridssystemet i Shenmue 3 via spelets Kickstarter-sida (där du även hittar en video). Där skriver han bland annat:

"I want to do something a little different with the battles. When it comes to fighting, there are things that I want to make my own, so I was thinking of doing things a bit different from last time. We have been running some tests, and well, it's not a game like Virtua Fighter that is about timing. So, I hope it will take the form of a puzzle game that anyone can play with a strong emphasis on choreography.

They may be influenced by whether you pick up some item, and so on, incorporating more puzzle-type elements. That's what I would like to do. And QTEs, alongside some other things."

Shenmue 3 är under utveckling till både PC och Playstation 4, och enligt ett rykte vi rapporterade om imorse kommer det redan i år.

Shenmue 3
Ryo Hazuki vässar knogarna inför den tredje delen.

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