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The Council

The Council - Gamereactor TV intervjuar Sylvain Sechi


Big Bad Wolf arbetar för tillfället på ett lite annorlunda, episodbaserat äventyr. Vi haffade studions "game director" Sylvain Sechi i Paris för att få reda på mycket mer om kommande The Council.

"The Council begins in 1793, with players taking the role of secret society member Louis de Richet after his invitation to a private island off the shores of England by the enigmatic Lord Mortimer. Joining him are a number of high profile guests, including Napoleon Bonaparte and President of the newly-formed United States of America, George Washington. The strange nature of this private reception goes beyond just the prestigious guests -Richet's own mother has recently gone missing on the island, while each and every one of the colorful cast seems to have their own hidden agendas."

The CouncilThe CouncilThe CouncilThe Council



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