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Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Platsannonser ger oss mer info om Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Det har länge varit tyst om det kommande Final Fantasy VII: Remake, med få livstecken senaste året. Via japanska Mynavi Corporation (översatt av Gematsu) får vi dock lite ledtrådar tack vare platsannonser. Där kan vi bland annat läsa:

"We are examining programs that implement general functions and contents for Final Fantasy VII Remake as necessary on the development team, and while we are reaching a satisfactory level in terms of reproducing the original title in high-quality graphics, we have come to the conclusion that we should aim for even higher quality in order to meet the expectations of fans.

That said, we will tackle the production of this big title by establishing core members of various positons such as level planner, battle planner, designer, engineer, etc. including existing members of the development team. Interested applicants are expected to work as a core member."

Det låter väl inte helt pjåkigt? Tror du första delen släpps under året?

Final Fantasy VII: Remake
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