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Code Vein

Ny info kring Code Veins handling och karaktärer

Den som haft många frågor kring det kommande Souls-inspirerade, anime-stiliga Code Vein, kan nu gotta sig i nya detaljer från Bandai Namco. Det är en saftig bit av information kring spelets tidiga story, området som kallas Cathedral of the Sacred Blood, samt karaktärerna Jack och Eva. Den som inte vill veta något i förväg kan blunda nu:

  • Early Story: Awakening

  • After the battle with Q.U.E.E.N., the protagonist wakes up in an unknown location. Io is there, but... The protagonist lost the majority of his memory from the damage to his heart. Io also seemed to have lost her memory.

    The Protagonist and Io
    Led by Io, they head towards the collapsed city before reaching the withered Blood Tear Springs, but... While Io lost the memories concerning herself, she still has knowledge of the Blood Tears in this world, and seems to know of the protagonist's ability to reactivate withered Blood Tear Springs...

    With the protagonist's power, he reactivates the Springs, and by absorbing the ripened Blood Tears, the two restore their energy. There surfaces a Revenant group going around urban areas searching for Blood Tears, who captures the protagonist and Io as Blood Tear-collecting slaves.

    Looking for Blood Tears
    Due to a heavy taxation of Blood Tears, as well as the powerful among the Revenant society, a hierarchical relationship was established where weak Revenants are treated as slaves to collect Blood Tears. Both the captured protagonist and Io are taken prisoner, and together with the Revenants in the same situation, they head underground in search of Blood Tears.

    The Disaster
    The protagonist obtains Blood Tears and returns to ground level. He finds Io lying on the ground with Revenants that continue to get annihilated and vanish, but... It was the work of Revenants that came into contact with the miasma, and whose thirst for blood ran wild. The Revenants—who already started to lose their sense of self, whose heads mutated, and who become Lost—also attack the protagonist.

    Louis Appears
    Louis appears to help the protagonist, who was caught off guard and in a dilemma. After that, the protagonist fights alongside Louis against the Revenants assailants.

    The Protagonist and Louis
    With the help of Louis, the protagonist and company do away with the Revenants who became Lost. Louis, who witnesses the protagonist reactivate a Blood Tear Spring, finds a means of escape and guides the protagonist to his base in order to use that power for his own objective.

  • Field: Cathedral of the Sacred Blood

  • Floating above the hollowed-out land is an odd-looking church. Its complex and mysterious structure turns away those from stepping inside, inviting them on a never-ending journey.

    In its depths is a grand cathedral. White corridors are spread out around it as if turning away those who approach the cathedral. Inside the corridors. On the floor and pillars are complex passageways and staircases engraved with beautiful embossments. The corridors are dotted with and connected by cylinder-shaped rooms. These rooms have several entrances and exits, so it is easy to lose your sense of direction. There are passageways with differences in elevation. Falling is an ever-present danger. In the circular plazas, passageways, and the like, there will be Lost lurking to protect those places.

    Masked female-type Lost will protect various places in the cathedral. They wear beautiful white veils, but the eyes of their iron mask are an empty darkness and they attack intruders like automatons. A passageway where white vegetation grows in large numbers. They resemble Blood Tear Springs, but do not produce any Blood Tears. The cathedral stands before the protagonist and company upon exiting the corridors. A giant seal seems to have been placed on the entrance of the cathedral. And nearby seems to be a girl that resembles Io...?

    What awaits inside the walls of the cathedral...?

  • The "Successor" Who Inherits Q.U.E.E.N.'s Body

  • As a result of trying every possible measure to disable the infinite regeneration of Q.U.E.E.N., the only method arrived at was "fusion with the body of another person."

    The God Shell
    The name given to the partitioned body of Q.U.E.E.N. Similar to a Lost, it is fully assimilated with parasites and thus cannot be incinerated, and as a last resort, measures were taken to "transplant the body inside another body."

    Guardian of the God Shell
    Jack is feared as a "Revenant Hunter." He guards the God Shell, but his true mission make a new Revenant inherit the God Shell as a successor when signs of losing one's self start to appear. In order to achieve that mission, he has laid many Revenants to rest.

    Successor of the God Shell
    Only Revenants whose compatibility level with the God Shell surpasses a certain amount will be deemed a candidate to become successor. Nevertheless, it will cause transformation to a body unable to endure erosion.

    In order to control the erosion of the God Shell, a "strong will" is required in addition to the high compatibility level. Selection of the successor that possesses the nature to take over the God Shell is one of Jack's duties.

    Jack and Eva's Mission
    Successors unable to endure the erosion of the God Shell, and who show signs of losing one's self, will die at the hands of Jack, and the God Shell will be inherited by a new successor...

    Eva kneels to pray to the Revenants who have perished. She has a special power to calm the God Shell running wild with her singing voice. With that power, she stays by Jack's side, supporting him on his mission.

  • Boss: The Successor of the Ribcage

  • The successor that awaits in the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood. While it already lost its human consciousness, it stands before the protagonist and company as if to block the door to the cathedral.

    A giant creature with a wolf-like head, the Successor of the Ribcage has four arms and two legs. Since it has inherited the power of Q.U.E.E.N., it is a mighty foe whose strength cannot be compared to other Lost. Chains can be seen on the Lost's hands and feet. Its four arms are engraved with marks that enable it to unleash Gifts of various attribute, including thunder, ice, and fire. Both their range and power are tremendous, so you will not be able to win without a counter-plan.

  • Jack's Partner Traits

  • Jack actively approaches the enemy to fight at close range. Given his high mobility and evasion performance, he is difficult to damage. Using his "Bloodshot" Gift, which can attack from a long distance, and his "Active Record" Gift, which increases his maximum stamina value, he can strengthen both his attack and defense.

    Jack is characterized by step evasion only possible with lightweight equipment. He will proactively attack the enemy while dodging its attacks.

    Some Gifts that Jack Can Use
    Active Record - Increases the maximum stamina of both himself and his allies, and fully recovers stamina, for a fixed period of time.
    Bloodshot - Transforms blood power into a large bullet that is then fired.

    Co-Op Gift: Fatal Day
    A Co-Op Gift that can be used when Jack is your partner. It trades off the use of regeneration power to increase attack power and decrease the amount of stamina consumed.

    - With the Co-Op Gift "Fatal Day," although physical strength cannot be recovered for a fixed time due to the regeneration power trade-off, you can actively use Drain attacks with a higher number of attacks and less stamina consumption to deal big damage.

  • Eva's Partner Traits

  • Eva provides cover while mainly shooting with her bayonet to fight from a distance. She can deal big damage from long distances with her attack-type Gifts such as "Bloodshot" and "Bleed Roar."

    When she uses up her Ichor Stock, Eva can fight at close range, but since her physical strength is low, she must be careful as not to get killed.

    Some Gifts that Eva Can Use
    Authority - Increases her and her allies' Gift use speed for a fixed period of time.
    Bleed Roar - Creates a blade of polluted blood that fires at the enemy.

    - "Bleed Roar" is a gift that can deal big damage from a distance. By combining it with "Authority," you can put the enemy in a dangerous situation, easily unleashing powerful gifts to defeat them.

    Co-Op Gift: Limited Song
    A Co-Op Gift that can be used when Eva is your partner. It increases Ichor Stock consumption as a trade-off to increase Drain performance and Gift performance for a fixed period of time."

Nu vet du mer än du någonsin behöver veta innan du slänger dig in i Code Vein när det släpps till PC, Playstation 4 och Xbox One senare i år.

Kan Code Vein lyckas trots allt som de plockat direkt från Bandai Namcos succé-serie?

Code VeinCode Vein
Code VeinCode VeinCode VeinCode Vein
Code VeinCode VeinCode VeinCode Vein

Tack, Gematsu!