State of Decay 2

Undead Labs ska göra ett tredje State of Decay

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Microsoft avslöjade under sin E3-presskonferens att de nu köpt upp utvecklaren av State of Decay-serien, Undead Labs, som numera alltså är en förstapartsstudio. Deras första projekt blir att göra ett tredje State of Decay-spel. Detta säger chefen för Microsoft Game Studios, Matt Booty, i en intervju med Eggplante:

"We have two million people playing so far playing State of Decay [2] since the launch; it's really gone well for us. It's difficult to make a great game like that, but they kept at it. They made State of Decay 1, it's a great game ... State of Decay 2 just launched, I love that they're kind of iterating and building.

When we first started working on State of Decay, we had a much bigger game, a much more persistent online game, and I know that Undead Labs will get there eventually, but by bringing them into the Microsoft family, I think we're able to accelerate that and get us there sooner which is great.

In the case of Undead Labs, we absolutely want to go make State of Decay 3. That is a clear goal. That studio will have some other incubation, they'll work on some things, but this is a State of Decay 3 team."

Del ett och två av serien har varit relativt lågbudget (och sålts för halva priset), men med Microsofts plånbok i ryggen finns såklart hela andra resurser för Undead Labs.

State of Decay 2
Bild från State of Decay 2.

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State of Decay 2

RECENSION. Skrivet av Jonas Mäki

Originella zombiespel är snudd på en paradox, ändå är det precis vad Undead Labs bjuder på i den aningen ofärdiga pärlan State of Decay 2...

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