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Madmind lägger ned Agony Unrated, fansen går bärsärkargång

Indie-studion Madmind samlade ju som vi alla vet ihop en saftig summa sluring via Kickstarter för att kunna realisera sin vision om ett ultraköttigt, über-barnförbjudet skräckspel vid namn Agony - en titel som vi här på Gamereactor var måttligt imponerade av, om vi säger så. Tanken var ju alltid att först släppa en censurerad version för att sedan dundra ut en ocensurerad "Unrated"-version proppad med blod, våld, kött och massa könsorgan. Nu står det dock klart att Madmind lägger ned den påbörjade utvecklingen av Agony Unrated eftersom de inte har några pengar kvar och då lät det såhär via studions Kickstarter-sida:

"We regret to inform you that our company is currently struggling with financial problems. Due to technical and legal reasons, Madmind must cancel the development of Agony Unrated. Part of the team will continue to support Agony on Steam and consoles by publishing new patches." Länk

De som hade backat projektet svarade då såhär:
"The game just came out, mixed reviews aside, now would be when you would GAIN profit after selling it to more people than the kickstarter funders... instead, you are going bankrupt? What happened, the management spent all the money on luxury items while the programmers slaved away?"

• "Seriously, Just refund my money you MOTHER FUCKERS! I have a key I can't use cuz I don't have a PC yet and now when I get one in a few months I don't even want to play whatever unpolished, Censored mess Agony has become. I want to just move on with my life and completely forget madmind or agony (Both the game and the actual agony I've been put through by you bastards) ever even happened. I feel like a kid that was promised Disneyland and right when I got there the park had to close, Just to reopen and then blow up. FUCK YOU MADMIND AND ANYTHING YOU ASSHOLES TOUCH IN THE FUTURE!!!!"

• "How the hell do I get a refund from this utter shitshow?"

• "I backed this project because I wanted a unrated vr game like this... sorry but you failed big time madmind. At least if the wallpaper was nice lol. Last kickstarter for me."

• "After the way you treated us, your investors and customers, you bringing a product we were never going to be satisfied with because you lied about what we were investing in. After you making backroom deals requiring ultimate censorship of the product and then lying, lying and more lying to everyone. Missed opportunities to make things right, making promises you couldn't and maybe never intended on keeping and just being horrible developers, I am not surprised. Less than a month from your game's release and you're having to backtrack again on more promises and now your studio is closing down. While I am human and definitely do not like to see people lose their livelihood so, those in this company that were responsible for everything I listed above wrong and more - you caused your company to fail."

Hade du velat pröjsa pengar för en oklippt version av Agony?

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