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Microsoft lärde sig massor från Adaptive Controller-utvecklingen

Strax innan E3 överraskade Microsoft med att utannonsera Adaptive Controller till Xbox One, en handkontroll särskilt framtagen för att folk med olika sorters funktionshinder ändå ska kunna gejma. Vårt GRTV-team träffade James Shields från Xbox Accessories som var med och tog fram handkontrollen och ställde lite frågor. Bland annat sade han:

"Well at Xbox we have been working on controllers for a long time [...] and we've had a lot of innovations along the way, so we've heard from fans that they love our controller, and we think we're pretty good at making a controller, right, but a new, accessible controller? That was new ground to us. There was a lot of stuff that we needed to learn.

So really the way this came about - there was an internal hackathon, there was an idea from a small team inside Microsoft, and they were gathering feedback from the community, they gathered support over time internally over time as well, and it really led to the creation of this program, as a full controller."

Det var ändå obruten mark för Microsoft eftersom inget liknande egentligen gjorts tidigare och Shields berättar var de fick expertis och hjälp ifrån:

"And really, because it was a new kind of space for us, working on accessibility products, we had to learn from the community, so we reached out to non-profit partners like AbleGamers, SpecialEffect, we reached out to hospitals like Craig Hospital in Denver, and we also reached out to community members as well, and we listened to their feedback, listened to their thoughts and they helped us shape the product, helped us figure out what it should look like, what the features should be, and even the packaging as well. They gave us a lot of good input and that really helped bring this product to life."

Intervjun kan du se i sin helhet här nedan och trailern för Adaptive Conroller hittar du längre ned.