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Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2-uppdatering ute nu

Nintendo släppte idag en uppdatering till Splatoon 2 som ska ta hand om problemet med Bubble Bower som gjorde att spelare fick en sådan defensiv boost att dem som använde Rainmaker eller Bomb Launcher gjorde minimal skada eller till och med ingen alls. Detta har nu åtgärdats i den senaste uppdateringen samt några andra små-fix som listas nedan.

Version 3.2.1
Changes to Competitive Play
Fixed an issue where bombs thrown from some types of Bomb Launchers would not cause damage when they directly hit a bubble from a Bubble Blower.
Fixed an issue where a Rainmaker shot that hits a bubble from a Bubble Blower would only do some of the intended damage.
Fixed an issue where Tenta Missiles fired while locked on to a Rainmaker barrier would not impact the position of the Rainmaker barrier.
Changes to Salmon Run
Fixed an issue where, when a lot of Snatchers are present, the max number of Golden Eggs on the stage goes down and new Golden Eggs do not appear.
Downloading this update data will make it so that you cannot communicate with players using previous update data when in The Shoal.

Splatoon 2
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