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GRTV pratar om Xbox framtid med Microrofts Aaron Greenberg

Under Gamescom 2018 har Gamereactor TV-folket (med assistans av våra svenska förmågor Kim Orremark samt Lisa Dahlgren) såklart passat på att ställa en himla massa nyfikna frågor till utvecklarna som befinner sig på mässgolvet. I denna videointervju pratar vi med Microsofts egen Aaron Greenberg om framtiden för Xbox One.

"Well it's great, it's great to see partners like Bethesda continue to support the program. I mean strategically it's great for people to play games on Game Pass ahead of new releases coming out, like I love Fallout 4 being in the program. People that don't know Fallout, that maybe might be a Game Pass member are are just looking at 'what are the new games?', to be able to play that in advance of Fallout 76 is great, and we've seen that example happen over and over again."