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Utvecklare: "Nintendo är bäst att jobba med, inte Sony"

Luc Bernard, Chief Creative Officer hemma hos indiestudion Arcade Distillery menar att Nintendo nu gjort en 180 och idag är de allra bästa av samtliga konsoltillverkare att arbeta tillsammans med, särskilt för en mindre studio som kräver lite mer hjälp. Förut brukade det heta inom branschen att Sony var världsledande här, men inte enligt Bernarn.

"Each platform has their own set of rules and submission processes. The easiest so far has been Switch. I can't mention much because of NDAs, but that's the easiest one. They're fast with E-mails, easy to get a hold of with developers - Nintendo has done a complete 180. They're pretty much how Sony was years ago. Sony was at the height of the indie scene and now it's become kind of Nintendo who's like that. Now I know how to work with all of them, but PlayStation isn't as user-friendly. That's the most I'll say." Länk

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