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Destiny 2

Activision: Destiny 2 levde inte upp till förväntningarna

En av årets hittills största nyheter är att Bungie och Activision Blizzard gått skilda vägar med Destiny-serien. Den ska hädanefter ges ut av Bungie själva, och nu har Activision Blizzards chief financial officier Coddy Johnson i samband med företagets kvartalsrapport gett sin syn på saken:

"Destiny, it is highly critically acclaimed, high quality content, but it was not meeting our financial expectations. As we went through at the end of the year our financial planning for 2019, it indicated that Destiny would not have been a material contributor in operating income to our business. We had internal resources supplementing Bungie's work, and that means they're tying up one of our scarcest resources, which is developer time, which now under the arrangement we have reached, will be freed up after short transition period."

Kort sagt låter det inte som att varken Activision Blizzard eller Bungie är alltför ledsna för detta.

Destiny 2