The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Skybound Games: Tillfredsställande att avsluta Clementines historia

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Clementines makalösa historia är nu avklarad efter att The Walking Dead: The Final Season släppts till både PC och konsoler. Gamereactors utsända träffade nyligen creative director Kent Mudle i samband med PAX East. Han har tidigare jobbat hos Telltale, men är numera hos Skybound Games, och vi ville såklart veta mer hur om hur han känner över att ha gått i mål med historien:

"It feels very satisfying. We knew we had to tell a story that would feel like an end and would also satisfy fan expectation from all the pressure built up from the arc that started with season one. And I don't know, the fans get to decide if they think we did a good job or not, but personally getting to bring a close to something that almost kind of started my career, my career almost started with Walking Dead season one, getting to actually close the book on that was very humbling and honouring and I feel good afterwards that we did it."

När Telltale Games tvingades lägga ner var hela avslutningen i farozonen, något Mudle säger såhär om:

"The most obvious panic is because almost 130 people or whatever just lost their jobs, so that's a far bigger panic than the possible non-artistic fulfilment of getting to finish the final season. But that was a horrible cherry on top of a shit sundae. So I'm glad we both got to be artistically satisfied by closing the story and a lot of people got to go back to work thanks to Skybound's excellent efforts."

Vi recenserade hela den sista säsongen förra veckan, och vad vi tyckte om det kan du läsa här.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

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