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Into the Dead 2

Utvecklare: Into the Dead 2 till Switch är bästa tänkbara upplevelse

Into the Dead 2 finns redan ute som smartphone-spel, men det är även utannonserat till Switch och när vi nyligen intervjuade dess associate producer Harry Rex om just utgåvan till hybridkonsolen, berättade han bland annat:

"Into the Dead 2's a great game for any quintessential zombie fan. We just nailed the experience, the post-apocalyptic feel with a whole bunch of awesome weaponry you can use, and the Switch just seemed like an awesome revolution of the mobile version that we created to bring just the best experience of the game possible to what is a really exciting platform.

So we've really revitalised the game to be a full-on, premium experience. For anyone who's played the mobile game they will definitely notice a difference between what they've played on mobile and what they play on Switch."

Är du sugen på zombieröj till Switch?

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Into the Dead 2
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