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Halo Infinite

343 Industries medger att de haft tuffa perioder

343 Industries skapades specifikt för att ansvara för Halo-seriens framtid och hittills har de resulterat i framför allt Halo 4 och Halo 5: Guardians. Spel som fått fina betyg, men som många anser inte riktigt lever upp till Bungies klassiker.

Nu medger producenten Kiki Wolfkill i en intervju hos WCCFTech att det varit en tuff period för studion:

"I think as a studio, you know, we've kind of gone through our own growing pains over the years. And I think we're all really energized with the things we're doing with the Master Chief Collection. And bringing that on the PC and sort of really moving into a more of a service model with how we deliver content and updates with MCC and really, for the first time, moving on to PC very deliberately. And then at the same time, with Infinite and the TV show, this idea of really shepherding in this new generation of Halo is really exciting for us. Like it just feels like we have all these really great pieces that we're incredibly excited about moving forward at the same time. So that's crazy. As developers and also just Halo fans, we are really excited about the next few years."

Härnäst kommer Halo Infinite, som utannonserades på E3 förra sommaren. Där verkar det som att 343 Industries faktiskt lyssnat till fansen och förbereder sig på att göra något nytt med serien. Tror du Halo kan nå fornstora dagar igen i 343 Industries regi?

Halo Infinite

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