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Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing "ger känslan av att du verkligen arbetar med lagkamraterna"

Gamereactors utsända fick nyligen chansen att spela Team Sonic Racing i London, och vi fick då även prata med Derek Littlewood, studio design director hos Sumo Digital, samt designer Ben Wilson. Under vår konversation sade Wilson bland annat att de byggt spelet kring team på ett sätt som verkligen uppmuntrar laganda:

"We're just giving players lots of instances where they can actually do stuff with teammates so it actually feels like you're working with them rather than they're just there. And when that all kind of clicked and felt good, that's when the promise of the team racing all came together really, because you're having these moments where you're actually looking for where your teammates are and how they're doing, and interested in actually helping them improve their place, because then they're more useful because you can boost off them and do even better. So that interplay is what's new to this game."

Låter detta som en bra idé, tycker du?

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Team Sonic Racing