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Bekräftat: Xbox Scarlett har skivläsare

Igår kväll lät Microsoft utannonsera sin nästkommande konsol, vilket ska släppas sent 2020 och går under arbetsnamnet Project Scarlett. Även om de inte gav oss särskilt mycket konkret data, så vet vi nu att enheten kommer att ha en SSD-hårddisk, GDDR6 RAM-minne och en specialbyggd AMD-processor. Nu har Xbox-chefen Phil Spencer dessutom avslöjat en sak till som vi vet kommer glädja många av er - den nya Xboxen har skivläsare. Såhär sade Spencer till Games Industry:

"Yeah physical discs are part of our future. We know, because we see it, that more and more players are buying digital. We think the experience in certain instances, specifically if I am away from my console and everything is on my hard-drive with the entitlements are all there, there are some scenarios that are easy. But we know that people still have discs.

So even when we put out things like the Xbox One S All-Digital edition, we are very clear with the name because I am not trying to confuse anybody, that if you are somebody that has a library of discs, or that's the way you want to acquire the content, then you should buy the Xbox One S, not the Xbox One S All-Digital... which is why we put it in the name, and yes I know it says SAD.

I want to be very descriptive because I am not trying to confuse anybody about what the options are. I want to give people choice, and right now physical is a choice that millions of people love."

Gillar du att fysiska skivor även kommer att hänga med in i nästa generation?

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