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Spencer: "Scorpio gav oss självförtroendet att utveckla Scarlett"

Även om den på alla sätt och vis sålde bra, så har original-Xbox One kommit att betraktas som något av en flopp eftersom den raskt blev ifrånsprungen av Playstation 4 som sålt minst dubbelt så bra. Med Xbox One X fick de dock ett lyft, inte minst medialt, och har skakat av sig Kinect-schabblet för att istället förknippas med hardcore-spelande.

I en intervju hos The Verge berättar nu Xbox-chefen Phil Spencer att det var Scorpio som gav dem självförtroendet och strategin inför Scarlett:

"I definitely think doing the announcement of Project Scorpio 18 months-ish before we launched X was good learning and background for us this year. I think that's definitely true. I think that gave us some confidence that we could keep buzz. We also know that we're going to have dev kits out, developers building games, and I'd rather not have to pretend that something is not happening when everybody knows it is happening.

So it puts you in this position of people asking you, 'What's the name?' and I say, 'We don't have the name yet. They ask me about price points and everything else, so you're in this position of talking about the things that you set. Most importantly, you're going to talk about what your goals are for the platform. Give people something to look to, so when they hear there's a game in development that's launching at a certain date, is it going to support X? And I think our experience with Scorpio gave us the confidence to talk about Scarlett on Sunday."

Vad tycker du om strategin att avslöja nya konsoler 18 månader innan lansering?

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