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Apex Legends

Respawn kommer inte lägga till Titans i Apex Legends

Vi set redan att Apex Legends existerar i samma universum som Titanfall och att det i källkoden finns flera referenser till den senares maffiga Titan-robotter. Detta har fått många att hoppas att det förr eller senare ska släggas till i Apex Legends, men nu slår Respawn Entertainment återigen fast att det inte kommer hända.

Det är till Game Informer som producenten Drew McCoy säger:

"We prototyped it for like nine months during development, and we couldn't get it to work well. Titans were created back in the day as a power item. As a sense of I am now a badass, don't mess with me. That fantasy fulfillment is destroyed immediately in battle royale once you've balanced them to a point where they don't ruin battle royale. We could never pull enough levers - how you get it, how strong it is, how fast it is, how big it is, what kind of weapons it has, when do you have it - all that kind of stuff. So I think for now, titans are just not a thing. We're no longer considering it."

Tycker du att robotarna hade passat in i Apex Legends?

Apex Legends