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Marvel's Avengers

Marvels Avengers kan spelas helt offline

I en intervju vi hade med Crystal Dynamics Noah Hughes (som du i vanlig ordning kan se här nedan) under E3 fick vi veta massvis med smaskig information om Avengers-spelet. Nu börjar det dyka upp andraintervjuer, som klargör ett par viktiga grundstenar med spelet. Exempelvis att vissa uppdrag är för den ensamma spelaren och att hela kampanjen kan spelas offline:

"So as much as you're allowed to play the whole campaign as a single player experience, a lot of the missions that aren't specifically focused around a particular hero, not only can you choose which hero you play, but you can team up with other players as well.

"There may be areas where you have to go back to a single player mission in order to progress the campaign and open up new areas. But then within those new areas, you have missions where you can team up with friends and progress your campaign as well."

"But in a lot of cases, the roles are a bit more flexible, which is within your skill tree and your gear customization, you can build the loadout of your heroes how you want. So you might make a sturdier Hulk, you might make a smashier Hulk. And then, for example, Iron Man could be taking out the flying targets while Hulk is attracting the attention of all these enemies.

"So we have a combination of areas that certain heroes gain access to. And then other times were heroes are just taking asymmetrical roles. There's a little bit of discovery too when it comes to finding those places that some heroes can unlock with their abilities."

Det här lade han till när han pratade med

"We want somebody to be able to go buy a disc and never have to go online. You don't have to. You can have a complete experience and have fun."

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Marvel's Avengers
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