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Varje Scavengers-match är annorlunda "tack vare spelvärlden"

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Vi lirade Midwinter Entertainments actionlir Scavengers under E3 i år och därefter snackade vi med Josh Holmes (CEO, co-founder) om vad som gör spelet unikt. En av de större faktorerna som bestämmer detta är den dynamiska, levande världen spelet utspelar sig i.

"One of the things that's really unique about Scavengers is we're trying to create a really dynamic, living world so that every time you play the experience is different, and so you have to contend with a lot of different dangers while you're on the surface of the planet," förklarade han. "It's a perpetually winterised world, so cold is a real risk, and we have these dynamic storm pockets that move around the map and create blizzards that pose a big danger to players. We have wildlife that is roaming around the map and when you encounter packs of wolves or a large bear, that can be very dangerous and intimidating."

"Throughout all of this you have this constant threat of PvP, because this is a game that kind of blends together elements of PvE and PvP into a seamless experience."

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