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Sega Mega Drive Mini kommer ha grymma emuleringar

Minikonsolerna är omåttligt populära just nu, åtminstone de flesta (vi kollar på dig Playstation Classic) och snart kommer den som många av oss har väntat ivrigast på Sega Mega Drive Mini. Under E3 passade vi på att snacka lite med "localisation producer" Damian Mougakos om minikonsolen och hur den emulerar spel:

"One of the things that strongly separates this from the other consoles out there is the development team and the quality of the emulation. It's done by a team called M2, which a lot of people are becoming increasingly familiar with because they are the gold standard in emulation in the industry and they did an astonishing job of bringing these games over. They play so well, and they look fantastic, we couldn't be happier with the results."

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Sega Mega Drive Mini kommer ha grymma emuleringar

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