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Days Gone

Nya utmaningar och spellägen till Days Gone med uppdatering

Med uppdatering 1.21 kommer det en hel del nyheter till zombiedräparen Days Gone, däribland nya utmaningar i form av spelläget "Surrounded" som ställer stackars Deacon mot en ändlös hop av spelets zombieliknande fiender "Freakers". Varje fredag ska det sedan uppdateras med nya utmaningar där du kan låsa upp allehanda belöningar. Kolla in listan med vad som komma skall, samt buggfixar, här nedan:

Weekly DLC Challenges
"Surrounded" is the first DLC challenge drop! It's you VS. an endless Horde of Freakers! Survive the Horde as long as possible by utilizing your weapons, traps, and the environment. Increase the time on the timer by taking down Freakers and maximizing your score!
Each week on Friday, we will unlock a new challenge for you to master! (Will confirm day/time)
Earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold rank to earn credits to buy new characters, custom accents, and rings

Once you complete a challenge, you will earn that challenge's Patch which will be permanently shown on Deacon's jacket in both challenge and story mode!
Free new custom accent has been added to our story mode, "Farewell Mongrels" (Due to an issue that popped up in this latest patch, the "Farewell Mongrels" custom accent has been delayed to our next patch. We apologize for the inconvenience.)
New trophies have been added exclusive to the new weekly challenges
Progression Issues
Lisa will not get stuck on the house terrain during the mission "Lots Of Sick People"
After finishing the objective in "You Don't Want to Know", you should be able to properly loot your bounty

General Fixes
Picking up and swapping weapons on the ground has been changed to the "Triangle" button
A fix has added to fade away the Stat Upgrade and Trust Level banner from the player's UI
Swarmers and the Horde should now vault through windows properly
The Breaker's AI should function correctly when traps are utilized
Leaving flashback missions should now retain your melee weapon and proper ammo count
Rendering issue has been resolved with a certain set of NPCs
Localization fixes
Various bug fixes and miscellaneous crash fixes
Days gone patch notes for update 1.11
Progression Issues
Resolved an issue related to PlayGo where the main menu screen was not showing any selectable options
During "Lines Not Crossed", the NPC assisting you will function as intended
The job "Didn't Want To Join Up?" should progress properly

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Days Gone
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