Children of Morta

Children of Morta försenat till Nintendo Switch

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Dead Mage och 11 bit Studios har tråkiga nyheter gällande Nintendo Switch-versionen av Children of Morta som skulle ha släppts den 15 oktober. Det har nämligen försenats en dryg månad och nu är det därför istället den 20 november som gäller. I pressreleasen kan vi läsa:

"Spending 5 years creating a game is exhausting. Spending 5 years creating a game and then having to delay it - that's just brutal - but when you're aiming for excellence and you know it's within your grasp, you just do it.

Such is the case with Children of Morta on the Nintendo Switch. We still have a couple of kinks to work out and are pushing for quality over anything else. The community may forgive us for the delay, but forgiveness won't come so easily if we release a game that's not working perfectly. As delivering the best performance is our highest priority, we are simply delaying the game to November 20th to allow ourselves the time we need.

At 11 bit Studios, there is no space for compromise when it comes to quality. For players, it means a bit more of a wait. For us, a bit more hard work which we're glad to do because, in the end, we all have the same goal -- a fantastic game."

Som vanligt är det såklart trist med förseningar, men inte hälften så trist som ofärdigt dåliga spel. Eller vad säger ni?

Children of Morta

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