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Ford vill göra nästa Indiana Jones lika bra som Marvels filmer

Vi vet sedan tidigare att Disney jobbar hårt på ytterligare en film om Indiana Jones där Harrison Ford återvänder till rollen. Som det ser ut nu planeras filmen att släppas i juli 2021. I en intervju med HeyUGuys berättade han att filmen just nu har lite produktionsproblem påpekar att han ser upp till Marvels filmer och vill att Indiana Jones ska bli en lika stor succé som deras filmer.

"I don't really want to give them what they want to see, I want to give them something they didn't anticipate. They are used to a degree of disappointment when you revisit. Certainly, the Marvel movies have made a spectacular example of a success of worked the other way around, they killed it! Well, we're not going to make another Indiana Jones unless we are in a position to kill it. We want it to be the best. We've got some scheduling issues and a few script things to do but we are determined to get it right before we get it made."

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Ford vill göra nästa Indiana Jones lika bra som Marvels filmer
Steven Spielberg återvänder till den femte filmen om Indiana Jones.

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