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Insider: Räkna inte med Elden Ring till sommaren

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Under E3 förra året utannonserade FromSoftware sitt nästkommande spel Elden Ring, men sedan dess har det varit tyst om vad som händer med det. Rykten säger att det ska visas upp snart och det har även snackats om en lansering i juni. Nu har en av spelvärldens mer pålitliga insiders, Omni, kommenterat saken på Resetera och slår fast att det inte är juni som gäller:

"It should be pretty obvious by now that the game isn't coming out June 2020. Surely you can also comprehend that it doesn't do me or anyone else beyond the impatiently curious any favors to start leaking internal dates that aren't ready to be shared yet for a reason. Especially should things change. From and Bandai will talk about it when they're ready."

Han skriver även att spelet inte använder grafikmotorn Unreal Engine 4 som det tidigare påståtts, samt att det kommer bli tämligen snyggt:

"Like I said before, its running on the same engine, not UE4, contrary to bogus 4chan rumors. There have been some upgrades, the exact extent of which I'm not sure of. But of course changes and improvements needed to be made to accomodate for the different type of structure, systems and design. Lighting being one such upgrade. When you've got a dynamic day/night system, the lighting needs to change and be dynamic to fit that so dawn doesnt look and feel like mid day and mid day doesnt look and feel like dusk or midnight. Then just general technical improvements. (Which doesnt suddenly mean 60fps on console)."

Elden Ring

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