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God of War

Sony firar tvåårsdagen för God of War med samlarprylar

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Det är faktiskt hela två år sedan Santa Monica Studio förgyllde våra liv med höjdaren God of War. Det har varken vi eller Sony glömt och uppmärksammar nu detta med inte mindre än tre nya samlarprylar. Här nedan hittar du bilder samt beskrivningar saxade från Playstation-bloggen:

God of WarGod of War

God of War: Lore and Legends
"We are once again teaming up with Dark Horse to bring Atreus' journal from God of War to life in Lore and Legends. Written in collaboration with the God of War team, this hardcover book chronicles the journey of Atreus and Kratos through the Nine Realms. It includes expanded lore, detailed bestiary, character dossiers and so much more. Check it out here to pre-order your copy and to catch a sneak peek."

God of War

Kratos life-size bust
"Gaming Heads has been hard at work on designing the next installment of their life-size Kratos busts. This time they have captured the Norse Era Kratos in all his glory. The bust itself was crafted using in-game files, while the finer details were painted by hand. They kept the production run to only 500, making this a true collector's item for any die-hard God of War fan. Visit the Gaming Heads site here for more images and pre-order details."

God of War

Duck of War
"What do you get when you cross the God of War with a duck? Rubber Road has answered that pressing question with the latest edition to their Tubbz lineup. We have to admit this may be the most unique cosplay we have seen to date. These new Kratos and Atreus cosplaying ducks will have you saying, "We must quack better". Check out both the Kratos and Atreus versions here!"

God of War

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God of WarScore

God of War

RECENSION. Skrivet av Kim Orremark

Kratos är tillbaka. Lika arg som skäggig, med nya gudar att göra livet surt för och en son att ta hand om. Kim Orremark har spelat God of War...

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