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Dirt 5 försenas igen, denna gången till den 6:e november

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Det är den andra gången i ordningen som Codemasters och före detta Motorstorm-utvecklarna försenar kommande Dirt 5. Första gången skedde i början av denna månad då ett satt septemberdatum blev till 16:e oktober, som nu ändrats till 6:e november. Detta handlar enbart om Dirt 5 till nuvarande konsoler (samt PC) då PS5-spelet samt Xbox Series X-versionen planeras att släppas under december.

Saxat ur den officiella pressreleasen:
"The release date for DIRT 5 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC has now moved to November 6, 2020, with early access for Amplified Edition players starting on November 3. The game is still set to launch on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 later this year, followed by Google Stadia in early 2021. It sucks, we know. Seriously, we can't thank everyone enough for your support and excitement around DIRT S, ever since its reveal back in May. The positive feedback we've received from hands-on preview sessions has blown us away, too. The start line is now a little further away, but it's still very much in sight.

Don't forget: anyone who owns DIRT 5 on current-gen consoles will still be entitled to the
relevant next-gen optimised version, when it launches, free of charge. More DIRT 5 news and brand new gameplay is coming your way between now and November. Get ready for first looks at new cars and locations, the final car list, more next-gen feature details, and a full reveal of DIRT 5's multiplayer features. Stick around - we're just getting started. Again, thank you."

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