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Gamereactor Tyskland var helt nyligen med på ett event för det kommande Star Trek-spelet från Digital Extremes. Där fick man förutom information om spelet, även höra varför någon Wii U-version av spelet inte utannonserats.

"We never thought about a Wii U-Version. And frankly we were developing this before. The strength of the Wii U... you really have to develop the game specifically for that platform and console," sade Paramount-producer Brian Miller.

"You have to make sure that the tablet worked right, the controller was there. And it was something which was to early for us. We were developing this game for a long time and the fact, that they came out later... It really wasn't the type of game that we were making. It would have required us to take a lot of our ressources that we putted in the game and not to put it in something else. You have to sacrifice something along the way", avslutar han

Star Trek

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Star Trek

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