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The Ascent

Kollisionsproblem och buggar fixade med ny The Ascent-patch

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Svenska Neon Giants rollspel The Ascent fick mycket uppmärksamhet tack vare den fantastiska scifi-designen och dess intressanta gameplay. Det fick mestadels positiva recensioner, även om det även fick en del kritik på grund av vissa tekniska problem. En stor patch kom för två veckor sedan som löste en hel del av dessa problem.

Nu har en ny ganska stor patch släppts som löser ett flertal problem såsom kollisionsprogrammering, Achievements som inte fungerade som de skulle och även förbättrar stabiliteten. Du kan kolla in hela patch-listan under bilden nedan.

Surfa över hit för att läsa vår recension av The Ascent, som finns ute nu till PC, Xbox One och Xbox Series S/X. Det ingår även med Xbox Game Pass.

The Ascent

Performance (PC Steam & Win10)

· DX12 is now the default for all Players. Additional note: Please make sure you enable DX11 in the in-game Main Menu if you were previously playing with DX11 and/or want to continue doing so. After changing DX version, you will need to reboot the game for changes to be recognized.
· DX11 is now supported for Windows Store
· Improvements made to reduce stuttering and hitching, for DX11 and DX12. Please note more work will continue for future updates to improve performance for all players.
· Ray Tracing is set to default 'off' on all platforms. Additional note: For Nvidia card owners, if you are continuing to have performances issues with Ray Tracing enabled, please enable DLSS.
· Improved Hot Joining loading times on Steam & XB Family devices, more work will continue here for future updates

Stability (all platforms)
· Fixed a number of crashes in Single Player and Co-op. If you're on Steam have a crash, please send the Unreal Crash report.

Save Progress (all platforms)
· Fixed a few instances where Weapon Skins could be lost
· Fixed a few instances where Character Shirts could be lost
· Fixed a few instances where Gear could be lost
· Fixed a few instances where Clients items could be unequipped when a Host disconnects inside a tier elevator
· Fixed a few instances where Clients could lose their save progress when fast travelling in certain circumstances

Gameplay (all platforms)
· Fixed the issue where sometimes a FullChrome wouldn't spawn in 'Mutual Dependencies' (Mission 2). Please note that we are aware of remaining issues with multiple FullChromes not spawning and are working on a fix for this too.
· Fixed an issue where 'Sell All Duplicates' worked incorrectly
· Changed the frequency of Kira lines when civilians are killed (will now trigger less often)

Achievements (all platforms)
· Fixed an issue with the Achievement 'Added Extras'
· Fixed an issue with the Achievement 'Aficionado'
· Fixed an issue with the Achievement 'Helping Hand'
· Fixed an issue with the Achievement 'Win'
· Fixed an issue with the Achievement 'Fair Trade'

Please note that we are working on a fix for the achievement "Comprehensive" and "For All Our Benefits". All fixed achievements are and will be retro-compatible.

Translation (all platforms)
· Minor bug fixes in other languages

Please note that we are still working on improving the quality of the translation in all languages

Other Fixes (all platforms)
· Multiple reported minor collision issues have been fixed

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