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Svenska Paradox Interactive har visat upp ännu en expansion för sitt medeltida strategispel Crusader Kings II. The Reaper's Due heter den nya expansionen, och som vi tidigare skrivit, så kommer denna fokusera på de sjukdomar och epidemier som härjade i den medeltida världen. Bland nyheterna i expansionen finns möjligheten att bygga sjukhus och anställa kungliga livsmedikusar samt en hel del annat som har att göra med att skydda sig från både pest och kolera.

"The Reaper's Due is the newest expansion for Crusader Kings II, the best-selling medieval strategy simulator from Paradox Development Studio. This expansion highlights the historic importance of epidemics and disease in the Middle Ages, especially the Black Death - an outbreak of the bubonic plague that may have killed a third of the population of Europe.

The Reaper's Due introduces many new systems and features to what is already the richest medieval tapestry in gaming:
Epidemics Improved: As diseases spread from province to province along trade and sea lanes, they lower your manpower and sap your wealth
Hospitals and Royal Physicians: Prevent the outbreak of disease in your kingdom, and make sure your courtiers have access to the latest in Dark Ages Medical Science
Prosperity and Royal Focus: Well managed provinces in peaceful kingdoms will pay huge dividends in gold and levies
Seclusion: Shield yourself from the diseases tearing your kingdom apart, even if it means ignoring the plight of your people
New Event Chains: Is the new epidemic the End of Days? Is there someone else to blame for these horrors? Are there supernatural origins or solutions to the world's problems?"

Du kan kolla in trailern för expansionen här.

Crusader Kings II

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