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Horizon Call of the Mountain

Shuhei Yoshida är "oerhört exalterad över PSVR2"

Playstation-legendaren minns när han "var Kratos" till Playstation 3 och hur Horizon Tallnecks nu går bakom dig med Playstation VR2...

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Förutom att ta emot hederspris på BIG Conference och minnas hur Final Fantasy och Dragon Quests exklusivitet gav Playstation förutsättningar på 90-talet, svarade Shuhei Yoshida också på några frågor i Bilbao under förra helgen, där vi undrade över Playstation VR2. Angående Horisont Call of the Mountain sade han:

"We know how great it is to be inside the world of Horizon, and you look up and these Tallnecks walk behind you. I'm super excited about PS VR2. I was heavily involved in the making of PS VR.

Actually the PSVR project came as a grassroots work from multiple studios, like Santa Monica Studio used God of War on PS3 to create the hand-made VR system. That was really inspirational when I tried it... [looks at his own body] I was Kratos! It's unbelievable!"

Nu är han väldigt exalterad över Playstation VR2 och ser fram emot att alla ska få testa det:

"But we all knew that with more resolution, with more power, with more interactivity, everything technically speaking should be and will be improved. So because of the console lifecycle, we waited. The launch of PS VR was in 2016, and we announced the launch of PSVR2 next year, so we waited for seven years to release the new experience. And the challenge of a VR system is, unless you try it, you really don't understand, so of course people in the company, we have been using it and we know how great it is to be inside the world of Horizon, and you look up and these Tallnecks walk behind you. So I can't wait to have more people try it. It's very limited at this point. Even journalists are, only a limited number of people have tried it. So I'm looking forward to getting more people to try PS VR2 and start writing about it, talking about it so that everybody has a better idea of what we're bringing to the market."

Hur sugen är du själv på Playstation VR2 och Horizon Call of the Mountain?


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