Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run har färre betalande än Fire Emblem Heroes

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Under en frågesession under 77th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Nintendo lät högste chefen Tatsumi Kimishima avslöja att Fire Emblem Heroes har fler betalande spelare än vad Super Mario Run har trots att det laddats ner i betydligt mindre omfattning:

"Super Mario Run has seen over 150 million downloads and access from over 200 countries. Less than 10 percent of these consumers have actually purchased the full game. While there are consumers all over the world who want to play a Mario game, there are varying economic situations across the world, and some consumers are not able to pay for the game.

The number of downloads of Fire Emblem Heroes is less than a tenth of the number for Super Mario Run, but the total figure that consumers have spent on this title is more than on Super Mario Run. There is a wide variety of consumers, including consumers who are willing to pay to get items within the games we offer."

Kimishima tror att så få personer valt att betala för Super Mario Run "may be due to the price or the payment methods". För att bättra på detta överväger Nintendo "not only a single set price, but other methods that incorporate a wider variety of elements to allow as many consumers as possible to play."

Super Mario Run

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Super Mario Run

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