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Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name

Kazuma Kiryu återvänder - Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name Intervju

Vi träffade Hiroyuki Sakamoto från Ryu ga Gotoku Studio under vår tid i Köln för Gamescom 2023, för att lära oss allt om den kommande actiontiteln.

Audio transcriptions

"Hi Gamereactor friends, I am Alberto Garrido, and I'm here with Sakamoto-san, and I just seen Like a Dragon Gaiden, The Man Who Erased His Name.
It's like the epilogue of Kazuma Kiryu series, of the main series of Yakuza, and it's taking like a link between Yakuza series and Like a Dragon, the new series."

"So, thank you so much for joining us today, and I have the first question, what's the gap between the ending of Yakuza 6 and the beginning of Like a Dragon Gaiden?
What can you tell us about the way Kazuma took? Thank you so much.
So, most of that is going to be covered in the story of Like a Dragon Gaiden, but generally what happened after the end of Yakuza 6 is that Kazuma Kiryu kind of disappeared from the stage, and became an agent, and he operates behind the scenes doing all sorts of very interesting things, and kind of fighting with powerful enemies, but that's all kind of revealed eventually."

"So, speaking about this new agent style of Kazuma Kiryu, I just played the agent style in combat, and I feel it's very clean, it's very nice to use this hook and use it to grab enemies and throw them, and also to take some objects from the scenario and throw them to the people in the Yakuza, and these things in this new area we can show."

"So, what's the thing to change between this Yakuza style of combat style and the new agent style?
So, in this game, he's obviously an agent now, which changes the way that he's fighting, and we thought we would find a way to kind of represent that, and it's a very different style from what he has kind of used into this point, so it uses gadgets, it's very, as you said, kind of fast and sleek and whatnot, and this is kind of like an epitome of what he is now, so we kind of wanted to focus on that, we wanted to do something different to help represent how he's changed."

"But there are still tons of fans who really love his Yakuza style of combat, how kind of aggressive and powerful it is, so we made sure to include that in the game.
We thought that it would be kind of like the final form of his Yakuza style of battle, so we've also put that in the game as well."

"So, thank you so much. I have a last final question.
It's about this new feature I never see in Yakuza series, this is this real-life escorts thing in the cabaret session, and I also love the koi-koi, because I also play koi-koi, and what can you tell us about this, if you add some new minigames, or if you just take from this real-life escorts as a huge main minigame in this Like a Dragon game?
Thank you."

"So, in this game we made sure to include tons of minigames that players can enjoy, and we have lots of really kind of classic Yakuza or Like a Dragon minigames, including koi-koi, and the casino, and the gambling halls, and the cabaret, the live-action kind of aspect of that, was just one of these many parts of the minigames, the full experience of these games that we think fans are looking for."

"So, we made sure to include tons and tons of them, and we think anybody who really wants to delve into all the minigames and whatnot that this game has to offer will definitely find themselves satisfied.
Also, thank you so much for joining us today, and have a nice Gamescom."

"Thank you.
Thank you so much."