Witcher-serien skapare: Ingen bryr sig om hudfärg i böckerna

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Ända sedan Netflix utannonserade att de ska göra en TV-serien baserad på The Witcher, har det varit ett hett diskussionsämne kring det här med valen av skådespelare och inkluderandet av minoriteter. Nu har seriens skapare, Lauren S. Hissrich, kommenterat saken på Twitter och skriver där i en serie inlägg:

"The books are Polish and packed with Slavic spirit. It was important to keep that same tone in our show. With that in mind, I asked around (especially to Polish friends): can the Slavic culture be reduced solely down to skin color? The answer was resounding: god, we hope not.

We're making the show for 190 countries. In all creative adaptations, changes are made with the audience in mind. In the video games, Geralt & the Witchers have American accents. That's not what was in the books, but developers wisely knew they should appeal to a broader base.

The Witcher is REALLY interesting when it comes to depicting racism because it's about species, not skin color. What makes characters "other" is the shape of their ears, height, etc. In the books, no one pays attention to skin color. In the series... no one does either. Period.

In terms of casting, we welcomed everyone and anyone to put themselves forward to prove they could embody the character. We saw all ages, all ethnicities, all levels of talent, from movie stars to fans in Poland who'd never acted professionally before. We chose the best actors."

Hissrich bemötte också anklagelserna om att hon skulle ha en vänstervriden agenda, och säger att hon inte har något. Besluten baseras helt enkelt på "Polish culture not being synonymous with whiteness; appealing to a wider audience; honoring the books' allegory for racism; finding the best actors."

Vad tycker du om de beslut som fattats kring The Witcher-serien och valen av skådespelare?

Witcher-serien skapare: Ingen bryr sig om hudfärg i böckerna

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