Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

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Frogwares meddelar nu att den kommande Xbox One-versionen av Sherlock Holmes Chapter One har blivit "pausad på obestämd tid", vilket sannolikt betyder en nedläggning. Däremot kommer Playstation 4-utgåvan som planerat att lanseras nästa vecka. Frogwares förklarar:

"From September of last year right until February of 2022, we worked hard on optimizing our game for PC and both old and current generation consoles. During that time we discovered that the scope of the work was bigger than assessed. So last year we made the decision to release the PS5 and Xbox series X|S versions first, and work on optimizing the old gen versions. After the validation of Chapter One on current-gen in October, we kept on working on optimizing the PS4 and Xbox One versions. We've tried to squeeze out as much from the old gens as possible. A lot of invisible work was done, but also as visible as changes to the map of the city on the PS4 and Xbox One versions so that the game could run smoother (we cut certain alleyways, shortcuts, etc). And as we were getting closer and closer to finalizing those versions, war happened.

To say that the war made an impact on us is probably the understatement of the decade. Keeping our personal and mental situation out of this, the war impacted us from a production point of view heavily. From where we stand now, with the resources and manpower that we have, we can release the PS4 version of Chapter One on April 28th. However, we have to postpone the Xbox One version."

Alla som förhandsbokat Xbox One-versionen kommer såklart få pengarna tillbaka. Vill du ändå spela till just Xbox, finns Xbox Series S/X-versionen (och Playstation 5) redan ute.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

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